GMA- German Mountains Activies

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GMA- German Mountains Activies

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V prilogi posredujem message od Larry-ja, ki se nanaša na GMA aktivnosti v DL:

Hello Milan,

You worked Klaus (DK1AX) Saturday 13.10.2012 at 07:20 on 40 m while he was on the SOTA summit DM/BW-212. Klaus and I are in the same local club and we are both enthusiastic Activators and Chasers and members of SOTA. We are also members of the German Mountain Activities (GMA – and I would like to invite you to join GMA. You only have to go to the web page, click on “Register”, fill out the blank fields with your name, call sign and a password and then click on “SAVE”.

In my opinion GMA is not in competition with SOTA but is an extension of SOTA because GMA does not have the 150 m rule and therefore includes a lot of summits which are not in SOTA. As a matter of fact you can add new summits yourself if you are a member.

The only part of the web site which is only in German is the “Forum” (reflector) which in order to use you must join separately but I am sure that if you were to post a comment or question in English someone would reply in English. And if you have any problems or questions about GMA you can write me any time and I will do my best to try and help you.


Larry W8VKO / DL8VKO